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CurraNZ 100% New Zealand Blackcurrants - SAVE 20%

CurraNZ 100% New Zealand Blackcurrants - SAVE 20%

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New Zealand Blackcurrants: A king of Superfoods!

Made in the UK CurraNZ is made from premium quality blackcurrants grown in pristine conditions on the South Island of New Zealand.

Intense UV light is believed to be responsible for the currants extremely high levels of polyphenols. .

Science has shown the anthocyanins in CurraNZ blackcurrants work on many levels within the body and have the potential to enhance human health. This includes increased bloodflow, protection of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory properties and helping to counteract the damaging effects of oxidative stress

A more recent discovery has shown New Zealand Blackcurrants may aid in reducing and preventing muscle soreness from exercise. CurraNZ Capsules are a proprietary belnd of 100% natural New Zealnd Blackcurrant anthocyanins and are suitable for vegetarians.

Each pack contains 30 Capsules of 300mg 40% Blackcurrant extract.

Adults - 1-2 Capsules daily.

Athletes: Take two hours before exercise. For intense sessions take another capsule within 20 minutes of training.

Not suitable for people with berry fruit allergy. Suitable for vegetarians.

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