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High5 Energy Gummies Caffeine Tropical - SAVE 20%

High5 Energy Gummies Caffeine Tropical - SAVE 20%

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Keeping energy levels high is important for any endurance exercise, to maintain performance and feel better for longer. Full of both flavour and energy¹, these pocket size chews help you make the most out of your activity and keep you at your best for longer.

Each resealable pouch contains six individual tasty gummies, which can be taken as and when they are needed. Just tuck a pouch of gummies into your pocket for those shorter distances or use them to top up your energy levels between gels.

21g Carbohydrates – similar to our Energy Gel
75mg of Caffeine per pouch
Key Electrolytes; Sodium, Potassium
Vitamin B6
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Natural great tasting flavours
Energy Gummies Caffeine are designed to be taken BEFORE and DURING exercise.

RRP £15.00