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Intense 2.0 Compression Socks - Save 30%

Intense 2.0 Compression Socks - Save 30%
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Socks for Physically Demanding Sports

Compression level: Graduated Hard 20-30mmHg

Let us introduce you to the new Intense Compression Socks design! The technical features and benefits have been fine tuned and the new design and colours will have you want to buy them all. The sock combine cutting-edge technical features, high-quality materials, precisely targeted details and optimized compression. Intense Socks are created for intense high performance sports and activities and recovery.

The socks are also great for treatment and prevention of sport-related injuries.

Whether you use Calf Sleeves or Compression Socks during your activity is a matter of preference. The Calf Sleeves are a good choice if you are far off in sizing for the compression socks. Combining the Calf Sleeve and Ankle Sock will have the same effect as wearing one of our compression socks, however giving more room for individual variations in sizing.

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75% Nylon 25% Lycra

Hard compression
Comfortable Fit
Ankle support
Softer and stronger heel area
Moisture management
Wash after every use in 40 °C without fabric softeners.
Before washing turn the product inside out and use a washing bag.
Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.

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