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Manuka Sport Hydration + Energy 12 x 35g Sachets - Save 10%

Manuka Sport Hydration + Energy 12 x 35g Sachets - Save 10%

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Manuka Sport Hydration Energy Honey Orange contains a unique blend of easily digestible carbohydrate including Manuka Honey Powder, as well as electrolytes and BCAA's (2-1-1 ratio). It contains a blend of carbohydrates (29g), Sodium 425mg, L-Leucine (500mg) in order to to achieve the combined aims of Hydration and Energy delivery.

Unique Carbohydrate source from Manuka Honey Powder.
Four Electrolyte Source.
Contains BCCA 2-1-1 ratio.
29g Carbs per serving.
Certified by LGC (WADA batch tested)
Great Honey Orange taste.
Manufactured in BRC Class1 factory.
Bold packaging.
RTD outers.
Manuka Sport nutritional range is only available in single serve packets. This guarantees to our athletes 100% food security and minimises risk of contamination.

Each batch of gel and powder products have been tested for WADA prohibited substances by the laboratories of LGC.

Maltodextrin, Manuka honey powder, Acidiifier (citric acid), Electrolytes (sodium chloride, calcium, lactate, potassium chloride , magnesium carbonate) BCAA Blend (leucine isoleucine, valine) Natural flavouring, Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides)

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