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Phiten Aqua Titan Tape X30 Sport Roll 50mm x 4.5m

Phiten Aqua Titan Tape X30 Sport Roll 50mm x 4.5m
Phiten X30 Sports TapePhiten X30 Sports Tape KneePhiten X30 Sports Tape Elbow

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Titanium Tape X30 Roll Sport
The new Phiten X30 SportTape has been developed by sports scientists and professional runners. It is made for top athletes who want to improve their performance and protect themselves against injuries.

The starting point was the X30 Titan Tapes, established by therapists. Now this bestseller has further been developed and optimized by our athletes. The result was a completely new tissue, which now guarantees an optimized 3D stretching behavior even in complex movements. In order for the tape to effectively support natural movements of the muscles and joints, the adhesion performance in wet and sweat was also improved. The fabric is water-repellent and quick-drying to keep long term stretching behavior constant. The 30-times impregnation with AQUATITAN (X30) has proven to be optimal when performing and during regeneration.

width: 5cm
length: 4,5m
Technology and Material
elastic textile fabric

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