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Phiten Titan Tape X100 Black

Phiten Titan Tape X100 Black

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The highest-ranked X100 equipped titanium tape comes into the world. Highest-summit body care tape intended for people, whether professionals or amateurs, being truly committed to sports and health. The new titanium tape, which had supported all kind´s of athletes hard times during performance days, is finally commercialized.

Titanium Tape X100 Roll introduced this time was originally developed not for sales but rather prepared for scientific researches of AQUA TITANIUM. After many development stages, the product is realized as the Phiten’s best tape ever. Body care is carried out for injury prevention purpose and not for after injury care. We want all athletes, even at amateur level, put a high value on daily body care.

We generously pump our unique relaxation technology into Titanium Tape X100 Roll. It evolves to the body care tape with highest ranked potential for relaxation.

easy to apply
water resistant
permeable to sweat and breathable
for normal and sensitive skin

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