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Primal Bars - Box of 18 - SAVE 10%

Primal Bars - Box of 18 - SAVE 10%

Primal Bars are made with 100% real food.

Go against the grain and join the Paleo craze that is sweeping the UK.

Primal Bars are made with 4-5 main ingredients and nothing else. They are hand made and cold pressed in the UK and are gluten, grain, refined sugar, soya, dairy, GMO and Vegetable Oil free. They are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans (and Cavemen).
RRP £1.59 each

Dates, Almonds
(30%), Cashew
Nuts (20%),
Almond Oil

Dates, Brazil Nuts
(40%), Cherries
(10%), Almond

Dates, Cashew
Nuts (20%),
Coconut (20%),
Macadamia Nuts
(10%), Almond

Dates, Hazelnuts
(28%), Almonds
(9%), Cocoa
Powder (5.5%),
Almond Oil,
Vanilla Powder.

Dates, Almonds
(28%), Apple
(10%), Pecan
Nuts (9%),
Almond Oil.

Price: 25.76