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Spibelt Flex - SAVE 20%

Spibelt Flex - SAVE 20%
Spibelt Flex BlackSpibelt Flex Hot PinkSpibelt Flex is perfect for gym-goers!Flex is great for those who love music or those who go to a gym.

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Get Flexible!

The Spibelt Flex is the most innovative Spibelt yet! With a redesigned buckle for a more comfortable wear and a headphone port to keep music lovers in the zone! Spibelt Flex is with you through every crunch or deadlift.

Spibelt Flex will easily hold your phone for a convenient, hands-free experience. The Flex's newly designed buckle clips from the front so it is still comfortable even when sitting or lying down.

As with all Spibelt products, the Flex is lightweight, bounce-free and can be worn either over or under clothing.

Fits waists from 23" through to 50"

• Bounce-free
• Front buckle comfortable for floor exercises
• Headphone port
• Pocket expands to 6.5" x 3" x 2" (fits iPhone 6S & 7, Samsung Galaxy 3 & 4)
• Soft, durable elastic
• Fits waist size 23" through 50"

• Buckle is located next to the pocket instead of in the back
• This means you can comfortably wear it for floor and mat exercises
• It has a headphone port
• Listen to music hands-free while doing squats, leg press and other workout routines

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Price: 19.99