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Spibelt Large Pocket 8.9" Havana Design (with Pink Zipper)

Spibelt Large Pocket 8.9
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Havana ooh-la-la!

Feel the Cuban heat with this outlandish and eye-catching Spibelt! Perfect for your every day essentials like a mobile phone, keys, credit cards and even small change!

The Spibelt is designed so that it will not bounce and will not move. Once worn, it stays secure and snug. It is so discreet, you may forget it is even there!

Product Features:
Will not bounce.
Expandable, secure, low-profile pocket.
Comfortable, soft elastic prevents chaffing.
Sturdy buckle and glides for even the most active users.
Large Pocket SPIbelt comes with an 8.9" pocket - large enough to hold bulkier medical supplies, larger items, or just more stuff!
Pocket expands to 8" x 4" x 2"
Ideal for larger smart phones such as the iPhone X & iPhone 8 Plus

Fits waist size 25" through 47".

RRP: £21.99

Price: 20.99