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ZP Calf Sleeves - SAVE 50%

ZP Calf Sleeves - SAVE 50%
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Compression level: Medium - Hard (20-30mmHg)

Zero Point Performance Calf Sleeves are designed to help bring more power and comfort to your performance. The latest compresison technology combined with high quality materials together with the special weave and seamless structure help guarantee a unique feel, maximum comfort and power.

Calf Sleeves are extremely easy to use and have become a favourite accessory in many sports. Calf Sleeves are recommended in helping prevent calf cramping and shin splints. The special graduated compression of the sleeves provides more oxygen and bloodflow to your legs.

The scientifucally designed compression wear is optimised for sports and other demanding uses and is made to the highest quality and specification.

For sizing please see size guide image.

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