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Zero Point Hybrid Compression Socks - Womens - Save 50%

Zero Point Hybrid Compression Socks - Womens - Save 50%
Womens HybridSock Size Guide

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Scientifically Optimized Compression for Sports, Travel, Work, and Recovery

ZEROPOINT Hybrid Silver Compression Socks are designed for long-time use. They are great for training, sports, work and travel. Hybrid Silver Socks are lightweight, highly elastic compression socks that adapt to your leg whether you are sitting, standing or moving. The graduated compression of the sock provides more oxygen and energy to your legs all day long.

The silver yarn used in manufacturing Hybrid Silver Socks help fight microbes and odors.

Made of Nylon 55%, Lycra 25% and X-static 20%
Anatomical fit with special compression weaving throughout the foot sole, continuing till the top band. Gives you a unique glove-like fitting.Air flow: Air ventilation construction inside the sock.Softer and stronger fabrication for comfort and reducing blistering.Padded protect areas: Foot sole.X-static® technology – antimicrobial, anti-odor, thermo regulating.

More energy for your feet Antimicrobial and anti-odor Thermoregulating
For sport and everyday wear targeted compression

Shoesize (CM/IN) Ankle (CM/IN) Calf (CM/IN)
W1 (35-37 / 2-4.5) (17-20 / 6.7-7.9) (28-34 / 11-13.4)
W2 (38-40 / 5-7.5) (20-23 / 7.9-9) (32-37 / 12.6-14.6)
W3 (40-42 / 7.5-9.5) (23-26 / 9-10.2) (37-43 / 14.6-16.9)

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